Rita GI am a former Playboy Model and some may even know me as the chick who viciously murders Kanye West in his Flashing Lights Video. Well as it turns out - I'm VERY observant, and I've picked up a few things along the way by paying attention and asking lots of questions while I was in front of the camera. Knowing how I want to be shot helps me know how to shoot other women. I've had many tell me they feel more comfortable working with another woman, and the pictures seem to reflect it nicely:-)

I recently shot the entire SHADES of Color Calendar for 2009 and 2010 available thru Barnes & Noble website, amazon.com and www.shadescalendars.com currently working on 2011. Just shot my first national ad campaign for ThreeLittleWomen Couture featured in the jan/feb issue of Baby Couture Magazine.

Rates vary according to how busy I am and the nature and size of project. please inquire for pricing. My rates are steadily going up since I am constantly improving and stepping up my game, therefore if I give you a price quote it’s relevant for a limited time only.

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